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What do you do when someone you love has died and passed on? Learn to nourish your feelings of grief, sadness and confusion while you honor your loved one in a new way. Create your new conscious life.

Move through your grief in a conscious and enlightened way. Be guided to feed your spirit, mind and soul, with Conscious Grief.

Conscious Grief Gathering

Engage in healthy ways to take care of the grieving feelings in you and inspire your Spirit. [read more]

Conscious Angel Assembly

Our Angel Assembly will support you through life, in times of great sadness and searching or ongoing daily support. [read more]

Intuitive Grief Healing

Work through your grief in healthy and inspired ways that truly honor your spirit while providing you with a toolbox of knowledge to use in  your everyday life. [read more]

Reiki / Angel Card Reading

The power and guidance of balanced energy chakras helps you heal your grief and manage your daily life in a spiritually open way. Through an open heart and mind, I can facilitate a reading for you and discuss how God’s Angels guide us all. [read more]

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We will help you move you through your grief in a conscious, enlightened, healthy and focused way.

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